Trial Advocacy Training for Solicitors

Are you ready to really represent your client?

Solicitors are required to adhere to several ethical duties that are fundamental to their practice of law. Among others, all solicitors must act in the best interests of their clients. They must be honest and courteous in all of their dealings in the course of their legal practice. And they must also deliver their legal services promptly, diligently, and as competently as is reasonably possible. But, over all of any of the other ethical duties solicitors are required to observe, their paramount duty is to the court and the administration of justice.

When someone comes to you as a Solicitor, looking for help with their specific legal problem, they are placing their trust in you to give them your best legal representation. This many times includes acting as an advocate for them in court. And who better to advocate for them, than you? Your client has come to you, placed their trust in you, given all of the details of their case to you, and have listened to your evaluation of their case and they expect you to stand up for them in court. You can’t do that diligently or competently if you haven’t developed the skill required.

From basic courtroom advocacy and etiquette to advanced trial technique, at the Australian Advocacy Alliance, we can help you develop and improve your trial skills so that you can better assist your current and future legal clients, both inside and outside the courtroom. We specialise in courtroom trial advocacy skills, so you can rest assured that you will gain the knowledge, skills, and competency you need through our courses.